The Most Unusual 

Book Club!




(The book choice is yours!)



First Monday of the month

Beginning: October 5, 2021

Ending:  April 5, 2021

(Sorry!  We are full.  Contact me to be on a waitlist.)



Zoom Live



Begin:  1:00 PM Pacific 

(4:00 PM Eastern)


End:  2:30 PM Pacific

(5:30 PM Eastern)



Suggested one-time donation: $25.00



How do we grow spiritually beyond our own established beliefs, our conditioning and our traditions?  I know for me it has been through opening the doors to great authors, teachers and of course, Silence.  When I am still my heart is able to receive the love and guidance of the Holy.  My practice always includes reading the words of wisdom teachers, meditation, prayer, and journaling.  But what could make it even better?  Conversation with you!


Rather than choosing one book for everyone to read, each will choose the spiritual book they are most drawn to.  And this is how it will work:


.  Read at your own pace.

.  Highlight or underline what is moving within you.

.  Journal your thoughts, emotions that arise, your questions, your fears, your “ah-ha’s”


Each month I will send a reminder and link to our upcoming gathering and a spiritual question.

When we come together on Zoom, we’ll open in prayer and a few moments of silence before we begin.  We’ll explore the question I sent out and then we’ll each have an opportunity to share highlights from our reading and how it is moving us.  This will be a time to share what resonates and perhaps where you might be stuck.  With permission others may ask questions, share how they receive it, but never to “fix it”.   Most of all our goal is to move from our heads to our hearts and to expand our inner-awareness…awakening to our oneness with God and each other.


My own roots are in Christianity, but my growth has come from wisdom teachers of eastern traditions as well.  I believe that we have much to learn about the Divine when we move past our locked in views and opinions.  So this invitation is to all.  The only requirement  is that you do not come with an agenda for others or judgement toward anyone’s spiritual path.


And just think….you may find other “good reads” you can’t wait to check out!

If you would like be a part of this monthly book club click here.